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Group Philosophy

The Group was formed in 2000 as Intexact Technologies, with Intellihome as its delivery arm, to develop products and provide services to realize the vision of future home.

The word Intexact is combining the words of intelligent and action and reflects the company philosophy of  “Planning without action is day dreaming while action without planning is nightmare”

As such, Intexact also stands for Integrated Technology in Action, which facilitate “I” and “Tech” to interact.  Our core value of precision and top in class can also be found in the word of Exact in our name

Mingle was born in 2005 with Mingle Place opening in 8 Observatory Court.  Subsequently, Mingle Kitchen, Care, Fans, Mart and Beauty were established. The word "Mingle" stands for Trust and Passion which we beleive are keys in working together as a family to care for our customers in the power of "We" - "Live to enjoy ".  Smartplay is about living our ideas, fullfillment of life by realising dreams (Mima) - "Play to win" in the power of "One".  Intexact is about integration and interaction of body and mind in the power of "I", thinking and acting  to execute (Cheuk Work), experience (Intexact), exceed (Intellihome) and exact (Best & Select) - "Work to exceed and to perfect life".

IntexactMingleSmartplay.jpg 集团理念 Group Philosophy