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Chairman Statement

We founded Intexact in 2000 to work in intellgent home system. Our success in intelligent home has driven us to expand into the intelligent boutique hotel business in 2005 with the opening of Mingle Place in 8 Observatory Court.  Thereafter, we have been rapidly extending our hotel chain to Central, Sheung Wan and Wanchai and in providing more services to our customers via Mingle Kitchen, Care, Fans, Mart and Beauty. While we are expanding our hotel business, the Intexact Holdings acts as the property holding, development and management for the hotel and other properties investment that the group makes, and now we have property holding in Hong Kong, China, Australia.

In 2010, we diversified further into businesses of Financials (Cheuk Work), Staples (Best & Select), Materials (Mima) and Industrials (Smartplay) which further enhanced the group businesses internationally and facilitate horizontal integration of the group businesses.  Like Mima will provide materials and Intellihome to provide intelligent technology for Intexact Property Development. Now, Intexact Group operates businesses in eight industries namely Materials, Staples, Industrials, Consumer Discretionary, Properties, Financials, Health and Technologies. Geographically, we are doing businesses in Europe, Middle East, China, Asia, Australia, Canada and America.   

We are optimistic about our future and will provide more valuable products and services to our customers via Mingle to our consumers and via Intexact to our corporate clients.

We would expect the new businesses that we enter recently will bring substantial benefits and contribution to the Group in coming years.  While we focus our effort in further consolidate and integrate the operations of different businesses to provide for greater synergy and efficiency, we are planning and preparing to enter into larger projects and ventures.  The solid asset base of property holdings and sound cash flow in hotel and restaurant operations has paved us the way for bigger projects like what we now working in China Foshan - Mingle Village and Mingle Quad.